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It filled us with pride that FIFA Coins

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    April 16, 2018 9:10 AM CEST

    It filled us with pride that we finished it with good FIFA Coins work. It's hard to say a particular moment, thankfully we achieved very special moments.' Messi believes it's hard to pinpoint one particular moment of a stellar 2015 for him 15:33 Ronaldo on what drives him on to succeed 'To achieve these things you need to work.


    To be here for an eighth time is not by coincidence, we all have talent but without the work it's not anything. I keep breaking records because I love to play football.' Real star Ronaldo says his success is due to the hard work he puts in alongside his talent 15:31 Ronaldo and Neymar on being at the Ballon d


    Or ceremony Ronaldo: 'It's a beautiful award. It's my eighth time that I'm here and it's a great privilege.'Neymar: 'I'm very happy to be part of this show and alongside two great players that I admire. I hope to be back here in the future and that my team keeps on winning.' Ronaldo says it's a 'great privilege' to have been nominated for an eighth time for the Ballon d'Or 15:29 From Sportsmail's Dominic King in Zurich Very soon the three candidates will be on stage but here’s another fact to consider.


    This is the sixth year in succession the Cheap FUT Coins Premier League has failed to have a representative in the reckoning for the golden ball. Not since Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres, then of Manchester United and Liverpool, has the English game had representation. Neymar (left)

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    September 6, 2018 10:09 AM CEST

    I had many fifa coins that was I collect for long time I play all the time game on my computer this was amazing. I just post advertisement on about selling coins that I have.

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    September 18, 2018 9:29 AM CEST

    It is no coincidence that we are here for the eighth time. We all have talents to do my paper, but we have no jobs. This is not what it is. Success is because he has put in hard work next to his talent.

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