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Drop rates the players want to see first

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    January 13, 2018 8:15 AM CET

    Recently, for the new video series which is all about RuneScape related stats and data, Jagex has ever gathered the stats the players want to know RuneScape gold, in which many players have ever mentioned that they want to learn the drop rates RuneScape eagerly. Right now Jagex just has clarified their plan on drop rates. Anyway, let’s just learn the top 10 skilling pets dry steaks they have shared first.The initial plan on drop rates RuneScapeJagex has announced that they will write a dev blog post in the future to explain the plans for the priority of drop rates and the ways they set the drop rates etc.


    And then they will ask the players to poll and see what comes out on top, according to which they will decide what kind of drop rates the players want to see first.Although they don’t give the timeframe for this, this is a good start, isn’t it?


    The first stats shared on the new video series - top 10 skilling pets dry steakAt the time when skilling pets RuneScape have just celebrated their first birthday, Jagex shares their first RuneScape related stats on the brand new video series -the 10 longest dry streaks in XP gains before getting a skilling pet. And even the No. 10 pet - Crabbe (the Slayer pet) has ever taken a player 160.1 million XP to get. That is the same as killing 830,861 dust devils. Not to mention others.


    And the No. 1 - the Invention pet (Malcom) has taken two players 200m XP or more to obtain it. Do you feel better when seeing these stats?Please note that until August 8, 2017, there are 428,747 skilling pets in the game. However, 10980 of them have not been claimed and are sitting in players’ banks. You’d better check your bank right now, maybe you will find a skilling pet, who knows?Let’s hope the drop rates RuneScape will be shared very soon and buy cheap RuneScape gold here.The mmogo Team Look for Initial OSRS Mobile Beta after RuneFest 2017 Soon

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