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Is not this an useless talk

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    December 7, 2017 9:23 AM CET

    ill has a worry to hurriedly say:"Three Yes need not worry too much, Wei in Tienjin is a foreigner site, so this time they promise a Yang Qiu Yi person to go together with a gun, although some soldiers escort have Mike Richter Authentic Jersey no a gun to have no cannon, have "a gun pour" Ma San Ye's appearing publicly is necessarily a hand to capture." Speak of own nickname, Ma Fei Hu is also a bit satisfied, "nematode" on the face is malicious to twist to twist:"It is said that Guangxi has one six white dress marksmanships are quite good, Lao Tze still really thinks with him to right." "South six north horse who don't know, regrettable six white the dress Be getting older, how the peter ascend three Yes in the prime of life."Zhao Si wildly flatters behind from the Dou in took out a 10,000 silver tickets:"Merchant guy, our big premier has already got ready, this is the half down payment, three Yes you see."20,000?Once the eye pupil son of Ma Fei Hu stare, malicious picked up photograph Nick Holden Authentic Jersey to table a fall off:"Zhao Si, Lao Tze does eldest brother Chen the honor to just run this!Is your his mama Lao Tze not to understand anything?Meeting party we didn't say, what person is this autumn ?Subordinate 20 several ten thousand battalions!These 2 people!Tell you that that grasps a Jun big premier, 100,000!Still have to make me first and all pay together, a little big sub- Lao Tze sign the northeast of Ma Hui, your love seeks who seek who go to." This offer makes Zhao Si all take out to take out a canthus, the heart bottom is secretly angry, but this horse's flying a tiger is really the best candidate who does it feeling, brave doesn't say, deep mountain old Lin Li still did skill good marksmanship, because here am Tienjin not ability bang bang Pa Pa wild blow a spirit, have to a shot namely win then immediately run road, so only this person is the best candidate.Can 100,000 he still keeps hasing some unable to do lords and says:"Is not a brothers to say leave words, this number Zhao Si is really to can not promise, Pavel Buchnevich Authentic Jersey three Yes rather wait here I on the first how?" Ma Fei Hu listens to his tone, this business contain door and order to take to begin next walk, Zhao Si saw the private home that the form immediately rush through into Zhao Bing Jun in Tienjin. When the northern tight Luo airtight drum prepares an evil plan, the south also quietly launched one net of opening widely and slowly depended Wu Song Kou's wharf in Shanghai along with Japanese steamer, Chen was beautiful to stretch one the lazy waist is from the berth in drilled out.Although the prosperous view done not welcome more than a yearses earlier, and he also invited Ci Shanghai all Du, Phil Esposito Authentic Jersey is still all his confidant at the management here, go up and down who don't know that Shanghai is his site, so go on board after immediately had a few sedans to open to come over.After drilling into a car, Jiang Zhi Qing who comes back a dozen of advance guards in advance also sat to come in, pottery Huan the affair of the Qing hasn't passed by, so he wore a crest breadth Yan the hat disguise and see him immediately depress voice:" Elder brother, there is news, the northern side really was starting to them!" "I say, they can't eliminate to stop this time."Chen beautiful desire for tobacco make don't stop to make to trap, the point root smoke satisfies just ask a way:"Is it that that help the person the horse?" "Is Jiangsu to patrol long in response to the laurel Xin, previous Sun Wu drive pursue after Hubei he also frightens escaped out, now is the Yuan a life time Kai's spy in Jian