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this battle cannot beat and immediately

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    October 11, 2017 9:43 AM CEST

    me river, this lets how he is to start to get common people in Sichuan, nervous way:"Guard a source this is He Yi?Is difficult don't become them to really need to offend city not to become?Haven't you already seen Yang Qiu?" Deng Xiao can wry smile:"Sung taught Ren to once see him as well, but that again how?Not just the slap give°ed Huang Ke Qiang to clap two lakes?He connects north ocean and Yuan a life time the Kai dare to beat and fight but Jimmy Cordero Authentic Jersey win of the morale is vigorous, really begin me to block live?" "That cans not make person in Hubei come to lead our Sichuan, either!"A representative who excitedly constitute a parties says:"Is the Yin eldest son to still have soldiers in more than 4,000 towns?Can not block for a while?Chuan person's autonomy is what I wait to before and early settle descend, how can say to change and then change?" If can stand out good!Who will thought of to be at the beginning made track for by elder brother Pao to kill, killed Wang Tian Jie be misunderstood to shake a body to become on changing big revolution hero for the Joe Blanton Authentic Jersey henchman's Yang Qiu in Qing Dynasty?!Now who don't know, Hunan, Hubei who say calculate?Hankow and there the north ocean has already beaten not next, really incense him several all-powerful and north ocean dead war of all of the mighty army go into Chuan, this isn't that the disaster is larger. "Is urgently also useless, I see everyone or sit down to patience and wait the news of the Yin eldest son."Pu palace handsome recruit signal hint everyone sit down wait for, bottom just was stained with stool, suddenly hear the city gate spread a burst of intensive gun voice and twisted a head see saw a southern direction gun voice in door stir-fry a bean sort ring. "This how may?Have never beaten cannon to break city?"That excitedly constitutes a parties representative to just spring up, Deng Xiao can layer after layer to stool a sit:"Yin eldest son." The gun voice is more Joe Ross Authentic Jersey and more intensive, again rang out a hoarsing of vehemence voice after the Chengdu murder case three months ago after this ancient and southwest provincial capital, Yin Chang Heng misgiving the big gun resulted in mistake's harming after opening fire, the turning point passed an internal help help the vanguard trip opened city gate and made the vanguard of one brigade another brigade trip the soldier could have no to bafflingly get into city area. Soldier's speed that has already carried on a careful and attentive plan soon, Su small tiger the camisado Chen Jia Ao of Yang Qiu use of take machine gun as center of the military tactics use to come over and take connecting as unit, each connect all at a pretty the wheat virtuous Sen flew to soon make a pounce upon to schedule to under the covering of light machine gun target, Fan database, Jose Lobaton Authentic Jersey machine bureau and maritime customs building, salt work the etc. core target in Ya door became the first region that needs to be captured. Number with 100 account to wear soldier who fly the tiger armband handsome etc. person's down stairs dash away but lead from the Pu palace, the machine gun comes out of the flame let their mind cringe.The governor of province Ya was also thoroughly disorderly inside the door at this time set.Because exactly supper time, so Zhao Er Feng hears a gun voice immediately throw down a bowl, the armed escort is also quick to work well to resist preparation before the mansion in the governor of province. "What is the row?Are they how to go into the cities?" An under charge is dashed away to cry to shout a w

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