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supported by soldier at ordinary times

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    June 19, 2017 11:42 AM CEST
    in schools in those early years, although clothes ascend full is a mud, still tremble tremble just sign be knocking on door.
    "Come in."
    Yang Qiu in the room has already changed Darryl Strawberry Jersey
    to like clothes, is wiping their own baby's pistols and see Zhang Wen
    Jing Zi You Xi take asthma such as the thunder of cow Be fierce to be as
    open as a looks, shape to slightly show thin and feeble some young Zuo
    officers walk to come in and ask a way:"Is finishing doing 100?"
    "Report has been already finished doing."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi
    finishes making collective report, inclined eye Yue Peng, say:"Adult,
    this is the Yue Peng."Yue Peng also immediately obeisance way:"42 mark
    second class Zuo Dwight Gooden Jersey
    officer(staff officer) the Yue Peng pay respects to adult."
    "Second class Zuo officer, Yue Peng?"
    Late pure period, new soldier's drawing up has been already tended and
    the nations is in line with, in addition to Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi
    secretary officer like this, all upwards start establishing a staff
    officer department from the mark, establish Zuo the officer grow one
    person, a class Zuo is 2 officers, the second class Zuo is 2 officers,
    again add three battalion commanders and constitute in command of axis.
    Is a second class staff officer, is Jacob deGrom Jersey
    already mark inside of ranking officer.
    "Mark all adult, Yue Peng four front in the schools graduation of Wu
    Gao Deng, after Be always taught Xi recommendation once and gone to
    German army's college to carry on a training for one year by
    Germany."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi hurriedly introduction way.
    "?Have ever trained in Germany?"
    Yang Qiu picked the next eyebrow, A Mike Piazza Jersey
    noon before and outside sent military officer to mostly go to Germany,
    AN afternoon on the contrary went to Japan much and arrived Xin Hai
    almost the that day originally study abroad military officer unification
    world, so go to Germany or European other nation anti- pour rare a lot
    His heart doesn't like the military officer that studied abroad back
    from Japan, because Xin Hai's period contained a very interesting
    phenomenon, that be go to coming back of Japan behind mostly and finally
    became the main Noah Syndergaard Jersey
    force strength of warlord confused conflict, but come back from Europe
    of but mostly choose neutral or simply the ice backing service, being
    similar to a Sa town is that person, almost be have Mr. Yu, so hearing
    that the Yue Peng is in Germany to receive training an in the mind
    involuntarily is many become intimate with.
    "The recommendation that can be Tom Seaver Jersey
    always taught Xi receives training in Germany and see you have much of
    artistic talent."Yang Qiu is wiping a gun and lookinging at Yue Peng,
    while being to unload bullet finger suddenly one Jiang, say:"But
    regrettable, in the my eyes you not enough space!It isn't the person
    whom I want."
    Don't say Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi, connect thick man thunder fierce
    all Ning's having thick eyebrow, Yue Peng and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi
    is deeply supported by soldier at ordinary times, even he concedes and
    have never thought this mark all adult such
    up don't accumulate virtuous.
    The Yue Peng is also that the facial expression hair is white,
    originally he sees Yang Qiu's means unusual, just that activity is also
    by surprise, have him German Army's manner for liking most unclearly, so
    want to come to explore, unexpectedly haven't opened mouth and then
    been refused, and still say an oneself not enough space!
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's in the mind hasty, the Yue Peng exactly
    has much big skill he doesn't know, but is a good friend very clear,
    don't say 42 m

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