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  • Mobile App Design Fundamentals: 10 Tips for an Effective Content Strategy
    The most successful mobile apps have substance behind them. If a company’s mobile app attracts and engages users, they have the potential to build a lasting relationship. To turn first-time visitors into loyal long-term users, an app must have something that users value. If a company’s mobile app is not useful, helpful, or has poor usability, it will result in a negative perception of the brand as a whole. To avoid this, developers must focus the mobile app design around their target demographic and curate the experience specifically tailored to them.

    Content is the most critical piece of mobile app design. With the growing trend to consume digital content on mobile devices rather than a desktop, knowing how to capture your reader’s attention on mobile is becoming increasingly important. In this context, content in mobile app development is defined as whatever you are using (language, visual aids, etc.) to engage the user.

    More often than not, the existing or incoming content that development teams are given to work with is problematic. Data can be unreliable or formatted incorrectly. Character and line lengths can get out of hand quickly if they aren’t strictly managed. Copy is almost always longer than desirable and is a struggle to cut to down with multiple stakeholders involved. Designing for mobile introduces a unique set of pain points due to the small screen sizes.
    Every member of the team serves as the content king during some point in the development process. Large scale projects can involve writers from different teams – from marketing to legal – and multiple incoming data channels that require technical strategies to manage.

    Part of a UX Designer’s job, however, is to understand the incoming content, and to facilitate where, when, and how much content is displayed to the user.

    You have to create an experience for the user that is tailored to the device they’re using. This includes the placing of buttons, font size, color selection, call-to-actions, and other mobile elements. You want to make it as easy as possible for the user to consume your content with as little pinching and zooming as possible, so present the information to your users in a simple and clear way.

    A poorly designed app doesn’t just affect the public’s perception of that app; it reflects badly on the entire brand. Since most users nowadays are mobile, the usefulness, helpfulness, and usability of your mobile app reflects directly back onto your company.
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