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    Fortnite is a sport, but it's also a international living room for millions of individuals, and a sort of codex for where culture has gone this year -- it is a cultural omnibus that's consumed everything from Blocboy JB's shoot dance to John Wick. It got Ted Danson to understand how to flake out. This thing is here to stay, as a new sort of social network.Fortnite has attained such a huge scale partly due to these network effects -- if all your friends are hanging out there, you will be too.

    The game is both free to play and available on each apparatus --consoles, computers, even phones. That has created a sort of lingua franca, a base level of comprehension among a large group of folks about the experience of enjoying the game. And although it's hugely popular, the experience of playing is very specific -- not so many people outside your peer group are going to know what you mean if you mention a"chug jug" in casual conversation. There's an in group thing going on here.

    They were speaking about Fortnite, naturally, doing dances from the game in the hallway. I could not tell if they had played before, but something else was clear: here was their common language, the foundation understanding. It wouldn't have mattered if those kids didn't understand each other. They would have had something to discuss, and a justification to take action.

    Best of all, the game itself continues to stay enjoyable and accessible enough to draw beginners. It is focused on casual players; the whole thing is self-consciously silly.The game is mostly performed by teens, but even I am not immune. I have a small set of friends I play with regularly, who are scattered around New York City -- they are all busy with buy Maplestory M Mesos their creative, enjoyable lives, and we do not see each other enough because most of us have shit to do.

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