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    Like some additional challenges, it seems like Fortnite Materials shop the best option is probably to do this in 50v50 and hope your half of this map includes Lazy Links. I am unsure Epic actually thought this through, or if they did, they simply need to find out what happens when everybody descends to the golf course in the exact same time.To find this challenge began, first you'll need a golf club. This is a struggle pass only challenge because you can only receive a golf ball toy through the conflict pass, and you will have to have hit tier 27 to unlock it.

    Give that it's week 5 out of 10, if you are committed enough to wish to complete this challenge ASAP, I'm guessing you're committed enough to have forced it to tier 27 already. Equip the golf ball like an emote, and then head to Lazy Links.Once you arrive, you'll have two holes to choose from, and you'll need 5 of the 9 so as to finish the challenge. Here's a map of the two holes. The base of the arrow will be the teeshirt, and the end of the arrow is the green, so you're able to see where you are aiming.

    My advice is to begin with the holes which are the furthest away from the clubhouse and swimming, as that's where everyone will soon be gearing up. Or you may be the individual that arms themselves to the teeth then starts golfing, and that means you've got some recourse if someone tries to interrupt your shots, rather than having an empty inventory.

    Then you get to golfing. This functions fortnite guns similarly to the basketball challenge, but it's a bit more involved considering your target is much further off. As soon as you utilize the toy/emote out of your wheel, then you wish to be aiming your reticle from the air over your target, the green. Where your reticle is decides how hard you are likely to swing your cluband if it is too low, you'll simply put or processor. When it's too high you will never find your ball. I'd aim only a tiny bit over every green.

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