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    This was a simple question to click here answer final year. Season 4 was superhero themed, and that was that. Surethere was a little strangeness going on with a movie sub-theme, also, however, the marquee aesthetic for that season was clearly laid down as superheroes. And before Season 5 began, it felt almost assured that we were looking at a time travel motif. There were indications of this wild west, an early anchor plopped down by Snobby Shores plus a big crackling rift in the sky that many assumed was manipulating moment in some way, shape, or form.

    When Season 5 really hit, but things were not quite so apparent. There was one major nod to the idea of time traveling: a big Viking Village laid down at the top of a hill, along with some matching skins at the battle pass. Nothing else really fit that notion, howeverwe got two big new areas in the form of a desert in the southeast and a golf course at the north, but decent luck laying anything constant onto people.

    The battle pass skins are all over the area, and superior skins don't offer much more help. There are some cool ones, undoubtedly, but it is hard to peg them to anything resembling a theme.The weekly battle loading screens were on a vehicle for storyline last season, but so far they just sort of series Drift goofing off. The catch-phrase of Season 5 is"worlds collide," which most took to mean that the map was likely to be changed with a few distinct themed places from other time periods. That has not really come to fruition.

    Epic Games has definitely shown its proficiency for large reveals: the rocket launching and first days of Seasons 5 and 4 leave little room to doubt that. However, the job of drawing a consistent story over the course of a year is a daunting one for a sport that occurs in bite-sized matches, and there is still some room for buy maplestory mobile mesos advancement.I presume that things will pick up within the upcoming few weeks, just like they did last season with the rocket launching and the visual appeal of the rifts.

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