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    Those are locations that are fairly big, so you could require more advice on where to proceed. Head just see the musical instrument, if you're at Pleasant Park. Jump onto the keys in the right order and you are good to go. Keep in mind that you'll want to pick the right moment to begin playing, as other players that also attempt to use the identical piano will interrupt your progress.At Lonely Lodge, proceed towards the hill on the north coast and you'll spot the piano.

    Hop on keys in the ideal order and you'll complete the challenge. For a closer look at exactly where you need to go, and how to correctly play with your musical masterpiece, it is possible to watch us complete the challenge in the movie at the top of this manual.This is only one of two tricky challenges this week, together with another involving a dance off at an abandoned mansion.

    Once that is wrapped up, you will have a couple of extra Battle Stars which you may put towards unlocking Season 7's newest makeup and rewards. If you still need some more Battle Stars, then you can check out the other challenges from Week 2 here or take a peek at Week 1 challenges in our whole Season 7 challenge manual.All adjustments, terrain, and placesWinter is not coming; it's already arrived.

    That is correct, Fortnite season seven is here and like games fortnite traps with it, some of the biggest changes ever. There's an updated map filled with locations and fresh terrain to test out. There is even a brand-new mode.We are going to go over all the new areas, places to research, and adjustments to once familiar locales, so that you are all set to jump back into Fortnite Battle Royale. We'll also help you get familiar with the new areas and point out a couple places that we think are worth seeing. Strap on your snow boots and let's dive in.

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