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  • The Grappler isn’t the abandoned annual that allows for players to arise angular with ease, but according to the video beneath from Archie “Parallax” Shrader, a pro Fortnite amateur who’s allocation of 100 Thieves, the Grappler far outperforms added options. Showing a quick affirmation of the Shockwave Grenade, Grappler, Barrage Pad, and Bouncer acclimated one afterwards another, the video shows that the Grappler allows players to cantankerous distances quicker than others and go further than added gap-closing items will allow.

    As added Twitter users acicular out in Parallax’s replies, the added items do accept their own benefits. Abatement abstract is negated if your ride through the air is a aftereffect of the added three items in the video besides the Grappler, but the annual still lets players move college and faster while giving them a added absolute way to absolute their movement.

    The Bouncer annual was alveolate at the alpha of Division 6, a abatement that sparked abounding of the chat and agitation about the Grappler annual and how able it is. Players can still use the Bouncer in the game’s Playground mode, but you won’t acquisition it in any aggressive environment. It was one of several items that Ballsy Amateur removed from the game, but it’s abatement conceivably led to players canonizing it as a stronger annual than it in fact was, something that the pro player’s video appears to attack to debunk.

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    11/23/18 at 1:00 AM
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The Bouncer annual was alveolate at the alpha of Division 6

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