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    I believe they need to bring something like it back without the cringe announcements. Simply make it a thing. GMs will need to actually follow up on the reports and also the players selected have to be chosen better. There are individuals who have gotten and reported countless individuals banned. These are the people that you want on the MWLB.

    The situation in game at the moment is beyond disgusting. Botting has never been so widespread. I see so many players botting now. I'm not referring to gold farmers that have been around forever. I'm talking about actual players botting/hacking in their mains. Because that's how things are becoming they just don't give a crap anymore. You've got plenty of folks using macros, people watching their characters macro, afk macroing and also lots of them are making it all the way to 250 without even being touched.

    The fact that they even make it past 210 baffles me especially as it's so easy to identify macro botters. I don't know if this laziness, lack of lack of expertise on the GMs part since Nexon is not transparent with us anymore. I said they have done nothing and before the V patch players would be macro botting. Following a patch such as this you RuneScape gold would have wanted the GMs to be out in force making sure no one begins botting for nodestones and symbols.

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