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  • The former Liverpool defender’s statement sparked controversy, but he believes that his position is not directed at Rushford, but that any striker who plays for the top club will encounter similar troubles. Carragher pointed out that "as a young forward who plays for top clubs, you will always encounter similar troubles, such as Owen or Fowler when you were young. Kane seized the opportunity, just because of other Tottenham centers. All failed. Young players have to stand in the TOP6, the most difficult position is the striker. Look at Manchester City, can you believe that young players will replace Aguero's position? Liverpool has Brazilian international Fermino, Lukaku It is the main center of Belgium's World Cup. Although Chelsea has not found the ideal candidate at the center since Diego Costa, they still have Morata who played for Juventus and Real Madrid https://www.lolga.com."

    Carragher pointed out, "I am not saying, 'Mourinho should give young people a chance or Rushford should play' because I don't think Rushford should occupy the position of Manchester United's main center, I don't think he likes Lukaku is so good. However, if you can't get the chance to play, how can he reach the top center? Unlike other positions, the goal of a center is to help the team win. The top club will not let the young forwards at 6. The 7 games can't be broken and they will continue to play because they have to get more experience to continue to improve, and this is what they are going to do at this age https://www.lolga.com/fifa-19-coins."
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    10/27/18 at 1:00 AM
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Young players have to stand in the TOP6

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