Goal Setting and the Graduate Student

  • “Goals” has become a buzzword of late. Typing “#goals” into the Instagram search field can give anyone a better idea of the theory behind the trend.  Taylor Swift goes out with a throng of models and suddenly we all have “squad goals.”  Kate Hudson posts a snapshot of her lithe physique in a teeny bikini and now we’ve got “fitness goals.”  But unlike trending “goals,” real life goals don’t come and go so quickly or easily.


    Completing a university graduate or doctoral program is a real life goal, and consequently, it’s not quick or easy. After finishing up his coursework hours, a grad student’s ultimate task is only just beginning.  Composing a master’s thesis or dissertation is not for the faint of heart.  Luckily, there is dissertation writing editing help available, so students don’t have to go it completely alone. However, just getting started with the planning stages of such a research project can prove to be its own challenge.


    Breaking down the project into smaller, more accessible goals is one way to avoid getting stuck at the gate. The end result is moot without a beginning and middle. Considerable legwork must be done before the paper writing even starts. Read current research, build an annotated bibliography, develop a working thesis, decide on a research methodology; each of those are steps can be taken and completed in a few days time, building momentum and encouraging perseverance. Creating a list of small goals and checking them off as they’re completed is satisfying and productive, and hopefully the accumulation of consistent progress will lead to the achievement of one’s desired ends.

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